Friday, February 6, 2015

Welcome to SLO

I have been awfully inconsistent on posting, I know.  And I could go on and on about how shitty that is and about how my new years goals went out the window for two weeks, but I have bigger and better news:  I am a newly moved-in resident of San Luis Obispo!  Wahoo, it finally happened.  Despite my skepticism that it would happen the end of January, last Friday my work computer came into my possession and the blessing was bestowed to travel safely. Bon Voyage Angels Camp!  And on that note, I want to highlight all of the little things that I had previously taken for granted while living in a house, and then did without while living in an RV, and now get to take for granted once again.  Let us recognize their sheer amazingness- Such things as: not having to dry off and pack up my shower stuff after every turn.  They can stay in the shower!  Begin able to walk around barefoot EVERYWHERE.  There is no red dirt or gravel that happens when I open my bedroom door, only plush carpet and (mostly) clean tile. Being able to walk from the shower to my room in a towel.  Whoa.  You mean my bosses can’t see me?  That’s just a lovely thought.  And lastly, being able to brush my teeth at a sink every night, wash my dishes after eating dinner in bed, and sleeping in a normal bed.  Life is good.  
(And we have beautiful things growing outback!)

I did love living in an RV.  I would move back in a heartbeat if there was somewhere to park the Huggy Hut down here that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Turns out, there are a plethora of long term RV spaces with ocean front property, which sounds AMAZING.  And then you find out they cost as much as a three bedroom house to rent.  It took me 10 seconds to let go over that idea... 
It seems that when you’re able to look back at chapters in your life with nostalgia and longing that you’ve done well.  Especially when those chapters were just closed a week ago.   That's how I feel about my time in the RVs (the Huggy Hut and then the newer bigger trailer whose name is TBD).  Isn’t it interesting that according to the world’s standards, I’ve moved up.  I’ve transitioned from an RV to a home, and have been granted the privilege to work remotely.  But I long for my RV, and I will love those times and the lessons in simple living I learned for the rest of my life.  Who knows, maybe I’ll raise my family in a converted school bus or possibly a caravan.  You’ve seen those, right?  Oh yeah, the future is bright.
(She'll certainly be missed!)

But I feel good about moving back into a house, and having minimized my “stuff” collection to fit into a 1996 Saturn S series- besides my food processor and mixer, which I very unfortunately had to leave behind.  But you better believe I’m coming back for them!  The move has gone well, and I’m set up in my new home office.  And I have a friend to hang with every day. 

(Meet Maple, one of my new roommates)

That all being said, it’s kind of amazing to look back on all the moves in the last 7 years.  I have gone from San Luis Obispo, to Berkeley, to Murphys, to Angels Camp, back to San Luis Obispo, and have moved at least twice within all of those cities.  My pattern has nice symmetry to it, does it not?  I’ve come full circle back to SLO, and all the while have weathered some of the most difficult times of my life while having the greatest adventures I could imagine.  Huck and I are now establishing ourselves and our futures with more ground under our feet than we’ve ever had since launching from the home nests.  And by that, I mean a literal concrete foundation that is supporting our joint lives for the first time in just over 5 years together.  This is a new adventure for us, and one that I look forward to exploring how to live simply while living in a place with more space.  And now comes the hopeful sigh of relief...I made it to SLO.

(I promise I'll take some better photos!)

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