Monday, February 9, 2015

Three Stacks and a Rock

If you’ve never been, Morro Bay should be on whatever list it is you keep that reminds you of important choices.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to tell you what to do like I have some authority over your life and choices, but trust me on this one.  Choose to go to Morro Bay, because it’s an awesome place with some pretty awesome people.  It has the notorious laid back vibes often associated with the Central Coast— people smile at you and say hi when you walk by, people who work in coffee shops or at the market treat you as a friend, surfers drive by with their heads out their blacked out Tacoma’s saying “Yo” to their homies (okay, that may not be exactly what happens, but there are surfers in Morro Bay and the chances are good they’ll drive by in a black Tacoma) and the occasional guy dressed like Jimi Hendricks plays his electric guitar next to the public bathrooms.  I really wish I had snapped a photo of the latter, but you’ll have to make-do with this raft of otters.
There is something about towns where a notable percentage of people wear trucker hats and sunglasses.  I can’t nail it down for you, but maybe you know what I mean.  Is it the stereotypical embodiment of that before-mentioned laid back vibe?  I can’t tell you for sure, but I sure do love what Morro Bay is putting down.  And then there are views like this:
(That would be the iconic Morro Rock)

Or like this:

Similar to back up in the Foothills, the hills here turn a neon green after it rains (that should be a big IF it rains, but I’ll be hopeful) and the landscapes are vivid no matter which way you point the car.  There also happened to be a storm brewing somewhere in California, which I am going to credit with my very non-scientific insight with stirring up waves worthy of as many surfers were in the water on Sunday. 

Anyways, if you can’t tell, the move has been a good one.  I have beautiful places to explore, enough space to spread out and not think for a while, or think a ton for a while—whatever is needed.  I also spent some time with my roommates this weekend, going to coffee, meeting the whole town, drinking an Old Fashion in a bar I’d never been to (but always wanted to go to). Our roommates are incredibly connected and sitting out in front of a coffee shop for two hours yielded introductions to more people than I kept track of.  I’ve landed in a cool spot, and I’m grateful for the opportunity of newness.  So cheers to Mondays…and here's to looking toward a bright week

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